Pernilla Dahlman is Sweden’s CEO of the Year

Pernilla Dahlman is Sweden’s CEO of the Year

Daresay Team - November 10, 2015

Since joining Screen Interaction as CEO in 2014, Pernilla Dahlman has steered the team through many changes, and overseen huge growth in terms of both people and reputation.  We always knew she was special, and now she has the national recognition to prove it.

We’re delighted and excited to announce that our CEO Pernilla Dahlman has been awarded CEO of the Year in a Small Business by management website The judging panel cited Pernilla’s impact on the business’s growth, as well as her inclusive and forward-thinking approach for her success, saying:

“This year’s winner in the Small Business category has in a very short time managed to increase the turnover of the company with an impressive 92 per cent, through a passionate and responsive style of leadership. With strategic efforts to create a strong innovation culture and a sense of unity in the company, the winner has taken the employees to new heights by giving them the freedom to dare try, fail and learn from their mistakes. The winner has a modern view on sustainability and includes it in the company values rather than viewing them as separate activities.”

Inspiring female leaders and encouraging diversity

What’s more, given that according to a report by S&P Global Market Intelligence, women now account for just 4% of CEOs in top European companies, Pernilla’s success and recognition at Screen Interaction provides further opportunity to inspire the next generation of female leaders while encouraging diversity across the board – further reason the judging panel awarded Pernilla CEO of the Year, saying:

“In an era where diversity and heterogenous workplaces are becoming increasingly important, the CEO has shown positive forces and becomes a role model for others by hiring people of many different nationalities and improving the ration of men to women in the company.”

Earlier this year, Pernilla was also one of five finalists for Female Role Model of the Year at the Swedish Telecom Awards, where the jury described her as “strategic, analytical and very enthusing”.

Want to get to know Pernilla better?

Take a peek into her world on Instagram @graspery, or find out more about her professional background on LinkedIn.


Pernilla Dahlman


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