We’re hosting IxDA Stockholm Meetup #41

We’re hosting IxDA Stockholm Meetup #41

Jenny Troglin - April 15, 2018

Is design your thing? How about ethics? Or better still design and ethics?

On April 18 we will be hosting IxDA Stockholm Meetup #41. And you guessed it, the focus will be on ethical design.

Daresay’s Head of Design, Daniel Petterson will be introducing the topic with some general insights including the different layers of responsibility that designers and companies alike face, and what can happen when they are ignored.

Following this we’ll move on to the first guest speaker of the night. Industrial Ethics Coach and Podcaster, Per Axbom, will be talking about how you can move towards a concrete way of planning and measuring sustainable and inclusive digital design.

Next, Zélia Sakhi, Head of Creative and Design at Mobiento, will be talking about the opportunity for designers to shine and change the world, and the different “powers” that led creative disciplines to lead the change, as well as our weaknesses.”

Finally, follow-up a quick break, our experts will be holding a panel discussion, where you get to choose the discussion points.



Magnus Ahlström


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