Your product is a story

Your product is a story

Daresay Team - August 28, 2018

In September Daresay held a seminar on Microcopy at “The Festival” in Malmö. Here’s what the seminar was about:

Everybody loves microcopy. Now that everyone agrees on content being a key part of any product, what do you actually do about it? Who does it, where is the framework around it, and when does it simply become UX?

Daresay invites you to a interactive seminar that helps you go beyond the buttons and look more deeply at the “story” experience of your product.

Knowing what to write on a button is important, but too often, you get to the button and you realize that for the user to know what to do, you needed to tell them something three pages ago. In this workshop, you will learn how to get started thinking about the content in your products and build it into your process (this is the hardest part!), from concept development to the final “buy” buttons. And you’ll get some actionable copy skills you can use, whether you’re a professional writer or not.

This workshop is for designers, developers, writers, and anyone who wants to put better words into the world.

What you’ll learn

  • How to maximize your microcopy
  • To heighten your awareness about the importance of really guiding your customer/visitor through your content
  • Handy copywriting tricks

Would you like us to do this workshop at your conference or office. Let us know! We love to share.

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