We’re still a fast-growing company!

We’re still a fast-growing company!

Daresay Team - October 19, 2018

Dagens Industri, Sweden’s Financial Daily Newspaper, has announced its annual list of fast-growing companies, and Daresay is on the list for the second year running. To become a so-called “Gazelle” company in Sweden, you have to meet criteria such as doubling your turnover over the past few years through organic growth. 

This time last year we won our first Red Dot Award and were presented with a Gasell Award from Dagens Industri. Fast forward a year and things are going even better. This autumn we’ve won two Red Dot Awards for our work with Clas Ohlson, and we’ve received a Gasell Award for the second year in a row.

As well as fast growth, criteria for the Gasell Award include a positive balance sheet for the last four years and a minimum of ten employees. During this time frame we’ve grown to 80 employees and opened a new office.



To grow like this you have to take courageous decisions, which is something that is close to our heart at Daresay. Most of our clients come to us because they need help to transform their businesses and become digital-first organisations – and we work collaboratively to help them achieve this. You can learn more about how we do that here.

We’re really proud to have received recognition for the second year running. It makes what we do all the more rewarding.


Magnus Ahlström


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