Solar panel app delivers unique UX for Umeå Energi customers

Solar panel app delivers unique UX for Umeå Energi customers

For Umeå Energi - Energy / app development

Design & Concept Development
Technical Development


Grow the market for solar panels sales and rental in Umeå by providing early adopters with a unique in app user experience – making them proud they invested in green energy.


Alstra is a real-time user information app that enables users to see their energy production and consumption, total financial savings and environmental contribution, in real-time.

About the client

Umeå Energi is a provider of sustainable energy, based in northern Sweden. Umeå is one of six cities, collaborating for a sustainable future in the EU backed ruggedised project.

How we did it

We began with a Design Sprint, built prototypes and carried out in-home testing and customer interviews, before finalising the bold, bright and user-friendly co-branded app.


The vision for the Alstra app is to be a central part of Umeå Energi’s solar offering as the energy company grows market share across the region.

The Tech

Data is collected in real-time from a Wago Controller and transmitted to the cloud, before being analysed and manipulated into human language and consumed by the app.

Download the app

Download the app and try it for yourself:



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