Helping to improve the treatment of cancer patients

Shot of a team of surgeons discussing a patient’s medical scans during surgery.

Helping to improve the treatment of cancer patients

For Regional Cancer Center Stockholm & Gotland - Healthcare

Change Management
Design & Concept Development
Insights & Strategy
Technical Development


Help remove bottlenecks in the treatment process and increase patient flow by improving collaboration between doctors.


Syntes is a transparent digital tool that enables the doctors involved in a case to make quicker, better and more informed decisions.

How we did it

In collaboration with RCC our designers followed senior doctors, and documented and challenged their way of working. Then, we redesigned and built the collaborative interface to reflect optimised workflows.


The Tech

We built a front-end JavaScript/React application that sits on top of SharePoint, and a REST API on the backend in C# and .NET that parses data to and from JSON.

About the Client

Regional Cancer Center Stockholm & Gotland (RCC) is responsible for strategic development and cancer research in the region.

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