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Connect your business

Connected objects are now part of both our professional and private life without us sometimes even reflecting about it being connected. This joint Daresay and WSI half-day workshop explores the potentials of a connected business with practical exercises and inspirational examples from the real world. 

Workshop Content

The workshop is influenced by the Design Sprint structure, to go from idea to prototype. The Design Sprint is an innovation method that is used to quickly answer business questions through design, prototyping and testing the ideas. This workshop will use the same workflow but compressed to a half day.

The workshop includes insights on:

  • How to generate lots of creative ideas in a short space of time
  • Creative ways to make fast and simple prototypes

Who should attend the workshop?

This workshop is ideal for Business Managers, Business Developers, Product Owners, Innovation Leads, Project Leaders, and all other people working with product development, marketing, and customer experience. You should be curious about innovation methodologies and want to learn more about what it means and how to work in a customer centered manner. No previous experience is necessary.


When: November 28th
Where: Victoria Tower, floor 1.
Price: 2000 SEK ex moms.
Drinks and snacks are included.

If you’re two or more from the same organisation we can offer you a favourable discount. Reach out to us to know more.


Daresay is a digital agency. We design, build, launch and manage digital products and services for millions of people around the world. We work with everything from improving patient flow at hospitals to building user-centric apps for connected homes to designing and developing new services for banks. With over 80 employees from 20 countries we help our clients explore new ideas that deliver game changing products for their customers.

Website: www.daresay.co


We’re a group of innovators and problem solvers who have worked with “connected” products and services since 2002, and we’re driven by a will to explore the boundaries of what’s possible, to fully utilize the potential of a connected world. We work with companies who want to bring their products and services into a digital and connected world and deliver tailored projects depending on the client’s needs.  Either from start to finish: including business model, development, mass production and cloud operation, or selected parts.

Website: www.wsisweden.com

If you have questions or if you want to attend the course another date. Reach out to Fredrik Malmgren either by phone: +46 702 421 688 or email: fredrik.malmgren@daresay.co



The course leaders

Anders Mannerhagen, Daresay

Tobias Söderlund, WSI

Fredrik Malmgren, Daresay

Connect your business

Explore the potentials of a connected business with practical exercises and inspirational examples from the real world. Join our half day workshop.

Nov 25 2019
Victoria Tower Floor 1 Arne Beurlings Torg 3 16440 Kista Stockholm +46 8 21 21 66 Show on map
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