Länsförsäkringar and Daresay win prestigious Red Dot Design Award

Länsförsäkringar and Daresay win prestigious Red Dot Design Award

Daresay Team - August 10, 2017

Thanks to an international jury of 24 experts reviewing 8,051 submissions from 50 countries, we’re proud to announce that our work with Länsförsäkringar has been honoured with a Red Dot in the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2017.


International recognition for Sweden’s best banking app

The Red Dot, hosted by Germany’s Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, is one of the biggest design awards in the world, and we’re delighted to have won. The origins of the award date back to 1955, and the Red Dot for Communication Design has been awarded since 1993, now across 18 categories. This sought-after seal recognises high design quality, including aesthetics, suitability for the target market, and technical excellence.


“Our app has been honored with prestigious awards in Sweden, but this is the first time we’re recognised in an international competition. For that, we’re really happy and proud today.”

Tove Fasth Product Owner Mobile App at Länsförsäkringar

Design works when customers lead the way

When we worked with Länsförsäkringar Bank on this project, we knew we weren’t just building an app, we were designing key customer moments for 97 percent of all transactions. Working with a customer-focused organisation like Länsförsäkringar meant we were able to do what we do best, designing interactions around what people actually do, not what we think a banking app should do. “This prize is a demonstration that involving the customers in every step of the design process is a really successful way to work,” says Tove Fasth, Product Owner Mobile App at Länsförsäkringar.

This customer-focused philosophy is why we added features like quick balance, fast transfer, a customisable start page, Apple Watch capability, and Siri-powered transactions.

Our real success is when our customers succeed

The Red Dot is certainly a matter of pride for Daresay as an agency, too. We’ll be giddy to see our project listed in the Red Dot International Yearbook of Communication Design. But while we certainly love the attention, for all of us, it’s more important that we’ve helped make something that makes people’s daily lives easier. The Red Dot gives us another chance to reflect on the privilege we have to work with the kinds of clients who enable us to do our best work and help us challenge ourselves as transformers and creators.

Pressrelease by Länsförsäkringar in Swedish


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