About us

Daresay is a digital agency

We design, build, launch and manage award-winning ​digital products and services for millions ​of people around the world.​


Strategy | Concept | Development

Are you looking for a strategic partner to help drive digital? Do you want design-driven concepts that deliver on business goals? Is world-class development on your roadmap to meet customer expectations? We can help.


Our guiding principles

We Believe
in People

Understanding people is key to achieving amazing results. That’s why we put so much effort into connecting with our clients and their customers.

We step into customers’ shoes to see things from their perspective. Ask, listen and interpret to gain unique insights based on people’s lives, hopes and dreams. And together with our clients, co-create digital products and services that deliver value to customers and businesses alike, solve real life problems, and help organisations to transform.

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Move quickly
and iteratively

We approach every project with an iterative mind-set, no matter if we’re gathering customer insights or developing code.

We follow predefined steps that deliver results quickly and effectively, even if it means taking one step back to move forward again. This approach triggers continuous creativity and allows us to “stress test” solutions incrementally rather than at the end of a project. It also minimises project risk, promotes collaboration, and enables us to implement change in line with new innovations, market trends or customer insights.

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Simple always
beats complex

It’s simple really; if a solution is intuitive and relevant, customers will engage with it.

Every layer of complexity creates a barrier of uncertainty between a user and a service, so we do everything we can to avoid them. Doing this effectively means understanding the audience and their behaviour, which can be quite a challenge when you’re providing a service for a nation of users.
Our approach: create accessible and lovable design that makes the user feel in control. It’s simple. Because simple always beats complex.

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Always mix
and match

Magic happens when tech, design and strategy work together towards common goals.

That’s why we always build multidisciplinary project teams. The right mix of developers, designers and strategists, from different  cultures, backgrounds and genders, adds a dynamic to a team that cannot be created any other way. Add to this proven tools and methodologies – that enable every team member to contribute to a project – and the entire spectrum of a solution is covered. Expertise is shared, projects are agile, and the team feel a sense of achievement as great results are delivered, quickly.

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is powerful

Which is why we work so closely with clients, combining their domain expertise with our digital knowhow.

Collaboration is a way of life at Daresay. In fact it’s not uncommon for a team of Daresayers to relocate to a client for part of a project. This form of interaction promotes transparency and trust, and proves invaluable for ideation, co-creation and ultimately transformation. By sharing knowledge and pooling insights and expertise, we can co-create and develop innovative solutions that bridge the gap between a client’s strategic goals and their customers’ needs.

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We love

As much as we believe in the power of people, we also believe in the power of data. But knowing how to collect relevant data and analyse it is half the job.

With a mix of qualitative and quantitative data we can verify or disprove what our customer research tells us. Relevant user data also helps us to develop customer-centric solutions, test and measure their success, and identify improvements or new features. And with the right data we can help our clients make informed business decisions, such as which new services their customers will want in the future. We are data driven.

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The story so far

Once upon a time…

A few years into their careers but with big ideas, the founders can’t find an agency in Sweden offering the types of services they believe organisations need if they are to thrive in the changing business landscape. Daresay (then Screen Interaction) is born.

Start big and don’t look back

The first customer to recognise the need for an agency like Daresay that combines tech, design and strategy is Ericsson. We’re nine people and we’re designing digital solutions for a company hosting a large percentage of the world’s mobile data.

We win the World Cup

The FIFA Football World Cup is in South Africa, and we get to design and develop the official app for the tournament. We’re working on projects in 15 countries and begin development of the Mobile Key for ASSA ABLOY.

Power to the people

We begin working with Försäkringskasssan (the Swedish social welfare department). Eventually this will lead to the award-winning VAB app, which simplifies the lives of parents throughout Sweden.

Moving up in the world

We move into a cool new office on the 29th floor, but stick to our roots and remain in the tech district of Stockholm. The office becomes a melting pot of different nationalities and skills, and we’re short-listed for our first international award by the Interaction Design Association.

A brush with royalty

The King and Queen of Sweden visit our new office, love the view over their kingdom and learn more about the Internet of Things. We receive more and more international recognition for our digital solutions as awards rain in.

A new sheriff in town

Founder and CEO, David Furendal, steps down to focus on running Daresay Labs, and Pernilla Dahlman takes over the reigns. Länsförsäkring AB ask us to help them become the best digital bank in Sweden. No pressure then…

We already know where the goal is

We complete our second football project in record time, redesigning and building TV4’s football mobile offering in three months – just in time for the Women’s World Cup. Meanwhile, Pernilla Dahlman is voted CEO of the Year and Länsförsäkring is ranked #1 for consumer banking customers.

It’s all in a day’s work

Arbetsförmedlingen, the Swedish employment agency, are in transformation. They need to become a digital organisation and offer relevant digital solutions – and we’re going to help them do it. We also do our bit for employment statistics by expanding and opening an office in Umeå, northern Sweden.

Dare to change

We don’t just help organisations transform, we do it ourselves. We go through a complete rebrand, in what we hope will be the next big step in the company’s growth strategy. We receive our first Red Dot Award.

OMG! We’re ten years old.

After ten years in the business we’ve seen a lot of changes in digitalisation, but we know there are still plenty to come. We celebrated with two Red Dot Awards, one Swedish Design Prize, and our second Gasell Award in a row for fast company growth. We also launched the Daresay teamwork kit.

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