Getting down to work with employer services

Getting down to work with employer services

For Arbetsförmedlingen - Public sector

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In collaboration with Arbetsförmedlingen (Swedish employment agency), change the organisational approach, and provide relevant digital services for small and medium sized employers throughout the country.


In our ongoing strategic partnership we have created new digital concepts that are being rolled-out stepwise, and introduced a strong customer focus and new ways of working that bridge the gap between design and development.

About the client

Arbetsförmedlingen is a government agency. It is mainly responsible for the public employment service in Sweden and the implementation of labour market policies.

How we did it

We relocated to Arbetsförmedlingen HQ. We worked collaboratively to identify the gaps between the service offering and customers’ requirements, as well as the needs of the organisation to implement new services.

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The challenge

Employing new staff can be a challenging process, particularly for small to medium sized organisations that don’t have HR specialists or effective tools for recruitment.

In the past, Arbetsförmedlingen’s efforts were mainly focused on supporting jobseekers. That has now changed, and equal focus is being put on employers looking for new recruits. This is one of the cornerstones of a seven year programme at Arbetsförmedlingen in which digitalisation and making the organisation digitally-relevant for all its customers is a priority.

Mission: to become relevant

Making the organisation digitally-relevant for employers looking to recruit is a key priority of our partnership with Arbetsförmedlingen.

The solution

Through our customer research we have identified areas where digital services could be developed or updated. They have been prioritised into a digital roadmap and are being created and rolled out stepwise. The entire roadmap is available for the general public – or indeed the private sector – to view, comment on, and even borrow ideas from for their own businesses.

Examples of new digital solutions include a service to make it easier for employers to hire people in a vulnerable position in the labour market and a web based service for strategic recruitment.

We have also examined Arbetsförmedlingen’s culture and organisation to determine what is needed internally to move forward and implement new digital services in what should be a seamless integration between design and development, and finally to customer delivery.

“Having the Daresay team in-house has led to a transparent cross-fertilisation of ideas – which makes getting buy-in to new concepts much easier. We’ve learned from each other, and will continue to do so in what I believe will be a very successful transformation.”

Bengt Wiktorén, Head of Employer Digital Services, Arbetsförmedlingen

Collaboration, feedback and iterationArbetsförmedlingen

How we did it

A team of Daresay designers relocated to Arbetsförmedlingen HQ to work collaboratively with staff and partners. We applied design thinking methods to ensure the best results for all stakeholders and help break down silos within the organisation. We met with employers around the country to fully understand their requirements. We used these insights to validate ideas, to develop concepts that greatly improve the customer experience, and to prioritise the order of concept development and implementation.

Concepts were presented iteratively to employers as they moved through the design phase to ensure that the final results met their needs. All concepts are now in production or in the realisation phase.

“Daresay were quick to understand our needs and way of working. They didn’t bulldoze their way into the project and dictate which models and technologies should be used. They listened, did the research with staff, customers and our other partners, and brought a sophisticated and holistic approach to our digitalisation need.”

Bengt Wiktorén Head of Employer Digital Services, Arbetsförmedlingen

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Does this story sound familiar? If transformation and reconnecting with people is on your road map then get in touch with us. We can help you too.

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