Removing (some of) the stresses of caring for sick children

Removing (some of) the stresses of caring for sick children

For Försäkringskassan - Public sector

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Make it simpler for parents to register and claim national social benefits when they stay home from work to look after an ill child. That way they can focus on parenting, not on administrative work.


The VAB app allows parents to instantly notify schools and Försäkringskassan whenever they are off work with an unwell child. With one more click in the app when they return to work, Försäkringskassan can begin evaluating the claim.

About the client

Försäkringskassan is responsible for a large part of the social security system in Sweden. Around 13,400 employees are responsible for making decisions on over 40 different benefits.


Cut The Wire Awards 2013: Best Service Innovation

eDiamond Award 2012: Best Citizen Service


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