Hello Daresay. Bye bye Screen Interaction.

Hello Daresay. Bye bye Screen Interaction.

Daresay Team - May 18, 2017

Ever wondered how a digital agency that specialises in digital transformation, transforms? This is how and why Screen Interaction became Daresay.


We’re a digital agency that specialises in empowering and transforming our clients’ businesses through game-changing customer experiences.

You might know us better as Screen Interaction. But we’ve been through a transformation ourselves. Not quite the type of transformation we help our clients with, but a transformation nonetheless.

Just like in any digital project that we do with a client, we’ve listened to our customers. We’ve asked you how we can improve, how we can better cater for your needs moving forward, and Daresay is the culmination of this.

New competencies

We’ve still got the design and development competencies that you have been so happy with. Our team still researches your business, your market and your customers, to gather insights and convert them into amazing customer experiences.

We still work collaboratively, and enjoy sharing working space, and working together as a team. That will never change, it’s in our DNA and it’s what ensures the best results. But we’ve grown. We’re taking on more responsibility for clients. Because together we’ve realised there is a gap. But it’s one that we are happy to say we have now covered.

Innovation and transformation

As Daresay we can provide the entire strategy and organisational restructuring arm of digitalisation. We can walk you through the digital transformation process, no matter how far you’ve got and how far you need to go – one game-changing step at a time. And we will always leave you better off and better prepared for the future.

We’ve also got new ways of working, and new exciting stories to share. Just get in touch with us to find out about we help you transform your business and embrace digitalisation.

We’re Daresay. And we’d love to hear from you.


Pernilla Dahlman


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