5 ways to create an amazing end-to-end experience in the public sector


5 ways to create an amazing end-to-end experience in the public sector

We take a look at 5 amazing ways that the public sector is embracing the customer experience to deliver proven results for the benefit of their customers, their employees and society as a whole.

1. Arbetsförmedlingen: Improving productivity at businesses and getting people back to work

A 2018 survey of over 6,000 companies by the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, found that in the 12 months prior to the survey, 69% of companies tried to recruit new employees. On average 25% of these ended in failure. Around 40% of companies also lost or turned down orders due to lack of personnel.

We worked with Arbetsförmedlingen, The Swedish Employment Agency, to reverse this using the most relevant digital  technologies.

The award-winning Speed Interview Service is based on data from two million job ads and extensive user interviews. It has opened up the job market to more and different people and enabled companies to fill vacant positions with the right people. The service is also being trialed by private and governmental employment agencies across Europe. Find out how society has benefitted from customer-first thinking and why there is a big demand for this digital service. Fill in the form below and get the full case story.

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2. Försäkringskassan: Converting 70% of users through simplicity

Anybody who uses governmental school apps knows the frustrations caused by poorly designed and poorly functioning tools. What should be simple, simply doesn’t work well for administrators, teachers and parents.

This is something we were determined to avoid when designing the VAB app for Försäkringskassan, the Social Security Department. We wanted to change parents’ experience from frustration to exultation, From hour long delays spent in phone queues to a three click, 20 second long process. The VAB app has now become the benchmark for all parental digital services. It saves parents time and greatly reduces resource requirements at the Social Security Department.

Find out how to convert 70% of all users and reduce internal resource requirements. Read the case story. 

3. Södertälje Municipality: Meet the Digital Strategist driving customer experience in local government

Södertälje has been voted one of the top 5 digital municipalities. According to Digital Strategist, Tony McCarrick, “Digitilisation in the community impacts how we teach, communicate, work, lead and interact with citizens, as well as the entire democratic process.

“We are constantly testing new methods of working to generate ideas, better understand our customers and identify new opportunities to meet their needs. We invited people to participate in fun hackathons, created an AI-driven chatbot to facilitate better communication with the public, and introduced an open data policy for better transparency. We are also rolling out IoT projects throughout the region.”

Södertälje Municipality’s drive for a better customer experience through digital is centered around three pillars:

  • Understand the new digital/communications landscape
  • Create concepts that reflect users and generate value for them
  • Continually question if what we do is relevant for customers


Learn more about customer-centric Södertälje in this interview with Tony McCarrick (in Swedish). 

4. Kalmar County Council: Revolutionising healthcare from the needs of each patient

When Kalmar County Council CTO, Johan Hallenbord’s granddaughter was born with Down Syndrome, he decided to analyze the healthcare system based on her experiences.

A digitally driven, customer-centric evolution began, which led to the municipality receiving awards for the country’s best medium and best small hospitals. Customer research found that Kalmar ranked highest in the country when it came to:

  • Trust in the healthcare system
  • Access to a doctor when needed

Pilot testing of new digital services has also led to fewer specialist referrals, faster diagnoses and patient flows, and reduced resource requirements.

Watch Johan’s presentation on how Kalmar County Council provides faster and better healthcare for patients today! 

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5. SÖS Hospital Children’s ER: Helping staff focus on patients rather than frustrated parents

We’ve all sat in an ER for hours, wondering when a doctor will see us or if we’ve been forgotten. Few of us leave the ER talking about an amazing customer experience. The children’s ER ward at Stockholm’s largest inner city hospital wanted to do something about this. However, internal initiatives had proved unsuccessful.

Using proven service design methodologies, we developed a starter pack for new arrivals to the ER as well as a series of concepts for future digital services.

Find out how we improved the patient experience and freed up time for healthcare workers. Read the case story.

If you are looking to embrace customer-centricity and deliver world-class experiences, we can help. Our services include everything from developing strategies and helping you get organisational buy-in, to creating achievable, customer-driven concepts, to delivering engaging products that make a difference to your customers lives and your organisation’s operations. Contact us today find out more!


Lotta Sjöqvist

Head of Business Growth & Innovation

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