Improving the waiting game for children, parents and staff at the Children’s ER

Improving the waiting game for children, parents and staff at the Children’s ER

For Södersjukhuset - Healthcare

Design & Concept Development
Insights & Strategy


Assure parents that their children are top of mind among staff at the ER department, even though there are many patients waiting to be seen. Create an understanding and acceptance of long waiting times so staff can focus on caring for children.


A Welcome leaflet explains the ER process to parents, detailing the stages their children will go through including where and why bottlenecks exist. It also includes frequently asked questions and tips to pass the time. Ideas and concepts for future digital services to support patients, parents and staff in the future werw also delivered.

How we did it

We interviewed patients, parents and staff, observed the behaviour of people in the ER and put up trigger material in the staff room. The work resulted in a mapped customer journey and a ready for use prototype.


The Welcome Folder has been evaluated by both staff and visitors of the ER department. Surveys among users demonstrate an increased understanding for the caring process and has led to staff being asked fewer questions, which has enabled them to spend more time with patients.

About the client

The Children’s Emergency Room at Stockholm’s largest inner-city hospital, Södersjukhuset (SÖS) treats over 120 000 emergency patients a year. The department uses a four-tier process to determine the order of patient treatment.

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