Improving the health of the nation, one step at a time

Improving the health of the nation, one step at a time

For Länsförsäkringar AB - Banking

Design & Concept Development


Help motivate people who aren’t sufficiently active to become more active on a daily basis, thereby improving their health and the health of the nation. 


“Lev Friskt” (Live Healthy) is a motivative all day activity-tracking app with a unique scoring system and tips and tricks on how to become more active. 

About the client

Länsförsäkringar AB is a nationwide banking and insurance company. With its 23 customer-owned regional insurance companies, it has a strong local presence.  

How we did it

Following a design Sprint on how to improve the nation’s health we developed the app iteratively based on a large test audience’s comments and user behaviour.


minutes recommended daily exercise


lower risk of heart & Alzheimer’s disease


increased activity with Lev Friskt

Download the case for Lev Friskt to find out more on the process and results of the Lev Friskt app.

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