Implementing your presenter with RX for Android applications

Implementing your presenter with RX for Android applications

Daresay Team - February 22, 2018

Are you an android developer looking for Rx insights, or a designer looking to learn more tech? If so, you should check out the blog by our android developer, Dmitry, his latest post is worth a read. Here’s a taste of it below.

It is pretty common to implement data layers with Rx: just glue some requests together with merge() or concat() and subscribe to the result. It is less common to implement presentation layers (presenters or view models) with Rx. And that is surprising, because a presentation layer is just the type of system Rx is designed for. It is an asynchronous processor — it receives asynchronous signals (user clicks, network responses, or system events), processes them, and emits asynchronous signals back (view updates mostly).

This sounds good in theory, but does it work in real life? The only way to answer that question is to try this approach on a live application with requirements coming from real business needs. I had an opportunity such as this, and this article is about what came out of it…

Read the entire post on Dmitrys blog.

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