Daresay nominated for prestigious design awards

Anna-Linn Hewitt, founder and CEO of Kaffefamiljen.

Following our success in the international Red Dot design competition, where we won two awards, we’ve now been nominated for two additional prizes at the Swedish Design Award (Svenska Designpriset)!

Clas Ohlson nominated once again

Just recently, our work with retailer Clas Ohlson and the Clas Ohlson Home app won two prizes at Red Dot Award, a renowned international design competition hosted annually by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany.

This week saw the announcement of nominations for the competition’s Swedish counterpart – the Swedish Design Award. We’re very proud to have received two nominations for our work with Clas Ohlson and coffee subscription service Kaffefamiljen.

“Working with Daresay has been a fantastic journey; they transformed our vision and our ideas into a real product. The fact that our service is now nominated for the Swedish Design Award is absolutely amazing and we can only thank Daresay for an incredibly well-done job. If we were to do it again, we wouldn’t change a single thing.”

Anna-Linn Hewitt Founder and CEO at Kaffefamiljen

Making technology accessible

“We had barely celebrated the success of the Red Dot Awards before we received the nominations for the Swedish Design Award. We’re obviously very pleased and proud that both Clas Ohlson and Kaffefamiljen are receiving this recognition, regardless of whether we win the prize or not,” says Kurt Sillén, business director at Daresay.

Clas Ohlson is nominated in the Internet of Things category for the Clas Ohlson Home app and the new Smart Plug, which allows users to remotely control wall outlets with their smartphones.

“Our goal with Clas Ohlson Home has been to make new technologies as accessible as possible, thus making people’s everyday lives easier. To be honest, the thought of winning design awards and getting this kind of attention never crossed our minds, but we are extremely happy and hope we win,” says Peter Olsson, project leader at Clas Ohlson.

Voting is open from 10 September to 16 September. Vote for us here!

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