Choose your Design Sprint ideas

7 day sprint, Day 3: Decide

Choose your Design Sprint ideas

Day #3  It’s decision day!*

With seven ideas (depending on the number of people participating in your Design Sprint) for solving the challenge up on the wall it’s time for everyone to get their first good look at them. Following the daily debrief, the team takes some time to review the different ideas (think of an art gallery where people silently view the works) and place coloured stickers on the parts of an idea they find interesting.

The team then regroups for a brief discussion on the highlighted sections –this makes it difficult for people to spend their time pitching their own ideas to the group.
With this done we quickly move into the voting phase. Firstly each person puts a sticker on the idea they believe is best. It’s now up to the Decider to choose which two ideas should move forward to prototyping and testing stage.

The Head of the Swedish employment agency chooses his favourite idea on Day 3.

Develop the  chosen ideas

Sometimes there will be one natural winner, but we believe it’s always good to test two ideas as a) you can often learn as much from something that doesn’t work as something that does; and b) sometimes the most obvious choices aren’t the best, which a second choice can highlight.

With the BIG decisions made for the day, it’s time to develop the ideas into complete storyboards. Basically this means whiteboarding the steps a user goes through in the solution, from the moment they come into contact with it. It doesn’t have to be perfect; you only have a day to build your prototypes! Just make sure you keep the original idea, push the boundaries a bit – after all that’s what you will learn from – and make sure that the customer steps follow a logic pattern that people can follow.

An external facilitator provides an objective presentation of all ideas and helps you make well-informed decisions.

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David Furendal

Head of Labs

*Much of this information can be found in “SPRINT – how to solve big problems and test new ideas in just five days”, by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky, from Google Ventures. We’ve just tailored it to find a way that we think works best for our clients and delivers the best results for them.

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