Daresay levels up with new partnership

Daresay + Knightec
Daresay + Knightec

Daresay levels up with new partnership

By Magnus Ahlström – December 11, 2020

Since 2008, we at Daresay have made a positive difference for millions of people through world-class customer experiences and digital innovation. We’ve done this together with fantastic companies and organizations. Still, we have only just begun!

As it is part of our DNA to constantly evolve with our world and our customers’ changing needs, last year we opened up to the idea of finding a partner with the right values and expertise to help us increase our competence and give us a leading edge for the future. We’re happy to announce that we have found that partner in Knightec (www.knightec.se).

This partnership hopes to complement Daresay’s deep knowledge and expertise in innovation, digital service development and customer experience along with Knightec’s expertise in industrial product development, digital security and quality.

Post-merger, Daresay will continue to function as a separate company with the same people as before, under the leadership of Anna Lindstrand.

With the Daresay and Knightec partnership our ambition is to become Europe’s strongest innovation company within product development and digitalization. Our goal will be to deliver more value to our customers and continue making a positive impact for the world and in people’s lives.

Contact us for more information:

Anna Lindstrand, Head of Daresay, 070-74 14 633, anna.lindstrand@daresay.co

David Furendal, Co-founder of Daresay, 076-13 44 367, david.furendal@daresay.co

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