Digital guidance frees up time for healthcare staff

Digital guidance frees up time for healthcare staff

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Improve the experience for patients and decrease the work load for staff by making it more efficient for patients of all ages to understand and follow the steps they need to take before, during and after an orthopedic operation.  


Din Ortopedoperation (Your Orthopedic Operation) is the first version of a step-by-step-guide that prepares patients mentally and physically pre and post operation.

About the client

Södersjukhuset is one of the largest hospitals in Stockholm, with 647 beds, 4,000+ employees and over 600,000 patient interactions annually.

How we did it

Starting from an existing customer journey, we worked closely with nurses, orthopedic staff and patients to package patient information into an easy-to-access format. 


Letting patients assimilate information digitally rather than in physical meetings, has freed up time for patients and staff, and led to an increase in patient safety. The long-term potential for this service is quicker patient flow and better hospital care.

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