Improving safety and efficiency in construction

Improving safety and efficiency in construction

For Cramo - Construction / app development

Design & Concept Development
Technical Development


Launch a digital solution so workers can easily access construction equipment and machinery documents, in a conservative and undigitised industry.


The Cramo Product Viewer app allows anyone to scan the equipment or machinery they’re using and get relevant user manuals, inspection documents, licenses, etc. directly in their phones.

About the client

Cramo specialising in equipment rental services to the construction industry. The company operates on 11 markets and serves approximately 150,000 customers from 300 depots.

How we did it

Based on discussions with Cramo and construction workers, we designed and built the app to be super simple to use. After several iterations we launched an MVP for use in 7 countries.

The Tech

We built the app in React Native. At the backend it calls out to different servers, gathering data in multiple formats before presenting it to the user.

Download the app

Download the app and try it for yourself:



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