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Service Design Course

Learning by doing Service Design

Sep 26 2019, 09.0016.00
Sep 26 2019

Victoria Tower plan 29

Arne Beurlings Torg 3
16440 Kista

Sep 26 2019, 09.0016.00

Can you improve the customer experience in just one day? The Daresay course: Learning by doing Service Design will provide a hands-on introduction to service design. During the day you will get to test out design methodologies with a diverse group of people, as you move from interviewing customers, to ideation, to prototyping.

Breakfast Seminar

Business Value through Design

Oct 08 2019, 08.0009.15
Oct 08 2019

Filmstaden Sergel

Hötorget 3
103 91 Stockholm

Oct 08 2019, 08.0009.15

Join us for breakfast and find out why companies that work in a design driven way are much more successful and profitable than their competitors.

Customer Centric Health Innovations

Speaker assignment at Good Tech Conference

Oct 17 2019, 10.5500.00
Oct 17 2019

Quality Hotel Esplanaden 29

852 36

Oct 17 2019, 10.55

Listen to Maria and Melina as they'll guide you through the landscape of innovation in health. (In Swedish)

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