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At Daresay we have delivered 100+ mobile and web applications for leading companies and government organisations; setting up agile development and hosting environments, ensuring maintenance is prompt and trouble-free, and developing first-class, customer-centric digital products and services. We offer world-class digital product development for mobile and web applications.

Foundations for a successful projectDevelopment to meet your business goalsOperations for continued growth

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Daresay digital development lifecycle

We take a 360-lifecycle management approach to software development in order to meet customers’ current product requirements and long-term digital strategy. This approach supports your organisation at every stage of digital development, from requirements mapping to launch and smooth operation, all in line with agreed KPIs and SLAs. A 360-lifecycle management approach to mobile app development also promotes iterative launches to meet your product strategy and growing customer base.

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Foundations for a successful project

In the early stages of an assignment, long term foundational decisions are made in the development process which will impact the way forward. Starting from a customer centric perspective – the service being offered – we define what will deliver the best results, i.e. what is the optimal user interface, which platform should be used, how should it be coded and how should the backend be built. Not all tech foundational levels are necessary for all digital solutions.

Full stack tech competence

Our tech team has extensive experience from planning, developing, delivering and managing digital mobile apps and web apps. They bring the necessary skills and experience to empower and strengthens any organisation.

As an experienced development company, we work agile with rapid prototyping to ensure fast delivery and testing, before moving forwards. With a proven structure in place, you can have confidence in our team to deliver a complete solution, rather than handing over incomplete code or a to-do list to your developers to complete application development. We have extensive experience from building progressive web apps, iOS apps, Android apps, and React Native apps.


React Native
Web Front-end


Big data


Smart appliances
Connected Devices
Solar cells


Servers & hosting
Cloud services & Back ups
Networks & VPN

Dynamic tools

Voice/Face recognition
Augmented Reality


Development & verification
Continuous Integration
Release trains & Pipelines
Monitoring & Analytics

Not ready for technical development yet? We can also help you form customer centric strategies, concepts and UX design.

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Development to meet your business goals

In the Development phase we set-up optimised development environments for your business needs and provide the necessary resources to deliver fast and effective results. We use agile tools and methods to ensure digital development runs smoothly, assignments are completed on time and on budget, and products meet your customers’ high expectations.


Unlike many app development companies, Daresay offers industry leading DevOps-as-a Service packages for digital services. This empowers cross-company development teams to effectively plan and schedule work, collaborate on code, and build and deploy applications. It provides a secure environment for customers to store project plans, backlogs, design assets and code, as well as an ideal platform for releasing iOS / Android /web services in line with GDPR regulations.

Small (Cloud based)

Code Storage
CI/CS Pipelines

Small is for a basic digital service that requires minimum but continuous upkeep. We host the code in a secure cloud environment and handle all updates, as well as providing a personalised Trello board so you can follow the progress of your digital service.

Medium (Cloud based)

Staging Environment
Continous delivery
– Apps
– Web

Medium is for more established digital services that require continuous DevOps and delivery. We identify and provide the optimal staging environment and utilise agile release trains to drive development and the customer experience forward. 


Large (On-prem)

VPN (Customer access)
ACL & segmentation
High security

Large is for digital services that are an integral part of an organisation’s offering or are central to a key product. This is often used by organisations where developers from Daresay and a client share responsibility, but access to information is restricted and managed by the client. Carrier-grade security, comes as standard, making it ideal for highly regulated industries.

Enterprise (Off-prem)

VPN (Project member access)
ACL & segmentation
High security

Enterprise is similar to Large but is fully hosted by Daresay, with full access to data by project members from both the client and ourselves. The environment is completely isolated and can only be used by one customer and any third-part partners they wish to give secure access to.

Operations for continued growth

In the ideal digital design and develop cycle, data that is analysed in the Operations phase is used to develop the next steps in a digital plan. As we gain more insights into customer behaviour, we evolve the digital offering and grow the number of users and/or reduce resource requirements. This process is streamlined through continuous Dev-Ops and agile release trains.

Our hosting and preventive application maintenance services ensure seamless operation of the digital service, guarantee quality assurance, while safeguarding delivery of a great user experience.

Statistics screen from web and server hosting

Web and Server Hosting

Our secure cloud hosting services ensure trouble-free operations for digital products and services in accordance with agreed SLAs. We offer private cloud solutions, from which we provide a stable and fast service, while guaranteeing the security of your software. Additionally, our automated monitoring tools alert us to potential issues so they can be prevented before they escalate.

Preventive Application Maintenance

For customers who don’t want the hassle pf continuously monitoring and updating their services we offer preventive application maintenance services. This includes:

  • Pro-active testing and adaption of apps (Android and iOS) to ensure that they function seamlessly when new iOS and Android operating systems are released.
  • Update of the development environment (SDKs) to support new releases of phones and tablets
  • Reports: impact and potential opportunities presented by new functionalities or changes in iOS and Android releases.

Service desk

Depending on the scale of your digital service, we offer a service desk function to provide simple and fast response to any queries. Options include ticketing, mail, or phone support with response times agreed in SLAs.

User insights

We also offer insights based on analysis of users’ data. With this knowledge your digital service can be developed to provide an even better customer experience, grow uptake and sales, or reduce resource dependencies.


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