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How to build amazing teams

We believe you agree with us when we say that creating great customer experiences, innovation or change, that’s never a one man show. In order to make great stuff to happen we need great teamwork. You don’t need to have a team of rockstars, or the perfect mix of personality types. It’s more important how you work together, and what habits and qualities your team collectively works on. Like any relationship, whether between two people or twenty, getting to superteam status requires a shared mindset, the right tools, and time to do the work together. We have created the perfect package to get you started. The Teamwork Kit is a collection of methods that helps teams build trust and deliver great work together. You can download the handbook, facilitator’s guides, sample presentations, and template posters and use them with your team below. With the right mindset, any group can become a creative, resilient team.

Are you ready to take your team collaboration to the next level?

What results can we expect?

Increases team performance

Teams that receive strengths feedback are 12.5% more effective. They have higher collective intelligence, which leads to better, more innovative deliverables.

Benefits the overall brand

Managers can help employees connect their work to the company’s wider purpose. Satisfied employees increase company returns.

Contributes to employee retention

Reshaping collaboration helps employees learn more and feel less stressed. It can even support diversity and inclusion work by bringing its goals to the level of employee conversations.

Need a little more convincing?

We pulled 
the most compelling arguments for The Teamwork Kit into a few easy pages. Download here.

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Teamwork kit includes


The team starts to connect the project with a way of working. They create expectations, goals, and norms. This is all about how you’ll work together.


Alignment workshops are a chance to check in about the team’s progress and processes, and adjust or re-commit to the plan. Get clarity where it’s most needed.


At the end of a project, or at a major milestone, a Conclusion is a chance to reflect, package insights and celebrate progress. Capture your lessons for the future.


Feedback sessions are regular opportunities to strengthen relationships and build self-knowledge. Build stronger bonds and improve communication.


At a Popup session, the team invites people from outside the project to give feedback and insights. Bring the big picture back into focus and get new perspectives.


Anna Lindstrand

Head of Daresay

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