Waking up to The Internet of Things

Waking up to The Internet of Things

Daresay Team - October 22, 2015

With such renowned speakers as Tesla’s Andy Rietschel and London-based designer Martin Charlier, it’s little wonder that our Internet of Things breakfast seminar sold out in just a few days.

Andy Rietschel on the uniqueness of Tesla

The event opened with our CEO, Pernilla Dahlman, before Andy Rietschel took to the stage to talk about Tesla’s meteoric growth and what distinguishes Tesla from more established car brands, such as being based in Silicon Valley rather than the traditional automotive hubs.

The audience then got a sneak peek of the Model X, the new Tesla set to be rolled out in 2016. Andy then talked about the benefits of a car that is connected, such as automatic software updates that make the vehicle performance change for the better with time – saying, albeit with a wry smile, that the car might actually be faster a month after you buy it.

Andy’s slides on SlideShare

Martin Charlier on designing connected products

Martin Charlier, author of Designing Connected Products and a London-based product and service design consultant, explained how and why designing connected products is different from designing other products and shared some of the most common pitfalls of IoT design.

Martin’s slides on SlideShare


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