Our new office in Umeå: going back to the future


Our new office in Umeå: going back to the future

Daresay Team - May 20, 2016

Less than a decade on from their student days at Umeå University, our founders return to their ‘home’ city to open Screen Interaction’s newest office.

It’s hard to believe that just eight years ago our four founders were classmates on the Civil Engineering programme at Umeå University. Fast-forward to today and they’re at the head of a 70-strong team of digital game-changers from Stockholm to Dubai, winning high-profile clients and industry awards while championing new talent, great design and innovation. And, of course, they’re always on the look-out for what’s new and next.

So when it came to expanding the business, the founders knew exactly where they wanted to be – Sweden’s forward-thinking city of Umeå.

Umeå: an important hub for design and technology

“This is a natural step in our development,” says Pernilla Dahlman, CEO of Screen Interaction. “Umeå is a very important city when it comes to design and technology. The university has fostered many of the most prominent specialists from our craft, and has a growing digital community that we want to play a part in nurturing.”

Launching the office are two of the company’s longest-serving employees, themselves alumnus of Umeå, Robert Holma and Fredrik Johansson. Both agree that the new office provided the ultimate opportunity to move back north while continuing to be a part of the global Screen Interaction team, while working on interesting new projects and clients.

Opening a hub in beautiful Umeå

Boosting the local knowhow in customer driven design

“My years at Screen Interaction has shaped me into who I am professionally today,” say Umeå native, Fredrik. “Thanks to this company, I’ve worked with both Swedish and international corporations, and travelled all over the world. Now, I get to bring my experience back to Umeå, which feels great.”

Robert, meanwhile, who has seen the company grow from a team of 10 to 70 in his six years with us, believes that Umeå is the perfect spot from which to tap into the next generation of digital innovators. “Umeå has an amazing, artistic campus and growing digital community,” he says. “We want to bring what we’ve learned from working on customer driven design and digital solutions in the private sector, and continue to build on the proud tradition that already exists here at the university.”


Fredrik Johansson

Business Director

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