The Courage Report: A barometer of Swedish business and its leaders

The Courage Report: A barometer of Swedish business and its leaders

Daresay Team - October 23, 2017

After many long nights, countless hours, blood, sweat and the odd tear, the Courage Report is finally here.

At Daresay we meet a lot of people who take courageous decisions everyday when transforming their organisations. So we decided to check the barometer among businesses in Sweden to find out if this was the norm. We wanted to know just how courageous decision-makers are when it comes to adapting to change and driving digitilisation.

Together with the Novus Research Group we interviewed senior management at 150 companies with 500 plus employees, and compiled the key findings in the Courage Report. You can now read it in Swedish. If Swedish isn’t your thing, we’ve summarised the findings below.

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Read the full report (in Swedish)

Courage is essential for success today

Almost everybody (97%) was in agreement that courage is a key attribute to lead a company in the right direction in today’s business climate. 86% felt courage was a necessity in their current role.

A majority of courageous companies

22% believe that their companies are very courageous when it comes to ways of working, business development and leadership. A further 58% consider their organisation to be courageous enough, while 19% consider their companies to be uncourageous.

Women at work are braver

Almost twice as many women (27%) as men (15%) consider themselves to be very courageous at work. While 14% of both men and women consider themselves to be uncourageous.

Organisations in change

On the digitalisation front, we found that 80% of companies had actively implemented changes to their organisation and/or customer offering in the past five years. How big a change however, we are not privy to. Out of these companies we found:

Transformation and growth

62 % of companies that have implemented some form of transformation expect a growth of 6%, while only 55% of companies in general expect a similar growth. Of the 17% that haven’t begun a programme of digitalisation, 17% believe it will be decisive to their future.

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