Internship Programme - great way to start your career

Internship Programme – great way to start your career

Daresay Team - December 15, 2017

So you’re about to finish school or are looking to kick-start your career. The world is your oyster. You can go anywhere, do anything, and become anyone.

So what better place to start than Daresay.

Twice a year, we’re looking for the latest recruits to the Daresay Internship Programme. So if you’re a super talented designer, or developer with big dreams, why not take the chance and apply) That’s exactly what previous interns have done – you can read a few of their stories and some words from our internship mentors below.

Once you’ve applied and our talent spotters have chosen the people to move onto the next round, you’ll receive an assignment to complete. We want to see how you approach a design/development challenge and get an understanding of how you think and solve creative problems, as well as your attention to detail.

The next step is an interview with a mentor at the office. It’s at this point we get to know you as a person and figure out if you’ll be a good fit at Daresay. We’ll also cover things like the Daresay guiding principles and our core values.  After a whole lot of deliberation we offer salaried internships to the chosen designers and developers. Once the programme starts you’ll get a quick induction and then be expected to dive straight into working on ongoing projects in the office and at our clients.

The Daresay internship is a great chance to experience working life and make some friends and contacts on the way.

The internship application is closed for the next period. If you want to experience the full spectrum of what it’s like to work at an award-winning digital agency, check back in April when the application opens.

“Daresay is a great place if you want to grow both as a person and professionally. People are very knowledgeable and happy to help.”

Joakim Ljungren Ex-intern (now employed)

Hans Sjunnesson, daresayer

“Personally, I like the internship programme because we can bring people into the company that we might not necessarily employ for an advertised position. And if they do a good job and prove themselves, they have a great opportunity of being employed and pursuing a career here. This isn’t the type of company that provides you with a structured six-month programme. You will be expected to grab opportunities and say I can do it or I need help to do it. You will be made to feel part of the team, it’s up to you to find your place in it, and make it a success.”

Important project straight away

Name: Xiwen Li
Education: Human Computer Interaction
Role: Intern

“I applied to the programme because I wanted to get some hands-on experience and learn more about design, collaboration and communication in the ‘real world’. Daresay seemed like the ideal place to do that. The application process was pretty long, but HR Manager, Sara Aronson, kept me informed throughout – so it never felt like the process had hit a dead-end.

Right now I’m working on a highly prioritised internal project to migrate the company to Microsoft 365. We’re mapping and designing workflows to ensure staff have a great user experience from day one.”


years of history






awards won for our work

Daresay puts much effort into the programme

Name: Kevin Su
Education: Digital Media Creative
Role: Intern

“I wanted to do an internship at an award winning digital agency with talented people. The mix of designers and developers at Daresay and the way they collaborate, really appealed to me. During the application process – and the test assignment in particular– I got a real sense that Daresay was going to put as much effort into the internship as I was and fortunately I’ve been proved right.

Right now I’m working on an app for an online coffee store where people can order coffee, the way they want it, to their doors. A few weeks ago I was working on a Daresay Labs project and spent the week doing an Innovation Sprint at a client’s office.”

Martin Kurtsson, daresayer

“We’re always looking for talented people here at Daresay and the internship programme is the best way to get your foot in the door and show us what you can do. It doesn’t matter if you’re straight out of school or have been working for a while and are looking to change your career path, anybody can apply.

At Daresay we give you the chance to showcase your skills, help you develop new ones, and try to throw you in at the deep end on real-life projects with clients.”

Using design to do good

Name: Joakim Ljungren
Education: Civil Engineer / Interactive Design
Role: ex-intern (now employee)

“I came to Daresay through my thesis project. From our first meeting it felt like we shared similar values, i.e. sustainable thinking and using design to do good. I‘ve been based at the offices in Umeå and Stockholm, and experienced the same inclusive culture where you are made to feel part of the team.

Now that I’m employed full-time I can really see how the internship programme gives both parties the chance to assess one another and decide if they’re a good match. I’m really happy I got this opportunity. Now I’m focusing on my career at Daresay.”

Are you our next intern?

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