Our collaboration with Clas Ohlson is live!

Our collaboration with Clas Ohlson is live!

Daresay Team - February 26, 2018

We’ve worked closely with retailer Clas Ohlson on a new WiFi smart plug. If you’re in Sweden, Finland, Norway, or Germany, you can now try it for yourself, and remotely control nearly any device in your home.

We worked pretty closely with Clas Ohlson to help bring this to fruition. Our team got some fantastic insights following lengthy customer interviews and extensive home product testing.

We then translated all this into the Clas Ohlson Home app that we pretty much designed and built from the ground up for Android and iOS. It’s been through a few iterations and will most certainly go through more. It’s out there now, and we’re really proud of it.

You’ll find the plugs online or in your nearest Clas Ohlson retail location. Go test it for yourself; your home may never be the same!



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