Our copy just won an amazing award!

Our copy just won an amazing award!

Daresay Team - September 10, 2018

We’re very proud to announce that our copywriter Christian Dahlström just won an award for his latest book on mental health and suicide. The prize is awarded by Suicide Zero – a charity in Sweden that works to understand and prevent suicide – on World Suicide Prevention Day, an awareness day observed on 10 September every year.

At Daresay, we bring an understanding of mental illness into our workplace and know that mental illness can affect anyone. Our copywriter Christian himself has had periods of depression and anxiety and grew up with a mother suffering from schizophrenia. He has described his upbringing and the problems of mental health in his latest book – “Kalla mig galen: berättelser från Psyksverige” – which attracted much attention in Swedish media since it was released last November.

Today Christian has been handed an award for his book by the Swedish charity Suizide Zero. The jury’s motivation reads:

“Christian Dahlströms book is obligatory reading for anyone who wants to embrace the complexity of mental ill health and suicide. The book is based on own experiences. His knowledge of the area is extensive and the book provides great insight. The subject might be heavy, but the book gives hope that mental illness and suicide are things we can understand and thereby prevent.”

Congratulations Christian!

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