No such thing as a free lunch

Daresayers enjoy lunch while listening to a client presentation on a joint release.

No such thing as a free lunch

Daresay Team - September 20, 2018

Learning on the job is part and parcel of any role at any company, but the problem with this is that you tend to only learn more about what you’re already doing and good at. We try to share knowledge and knowhow a bit more. And this is how.

We talk about collaboration all the time. It’s something we do within our teams and together with our clients – building multi-disciplinary teams to generate ideas and share skills and knowhow. So on any project at any one time, you’re likely to find Daresay developers and designers working closely with clients to create an engaging solution. Bringing together domain knowledge and digital expertise at every stage of a project really seems to deliver better results.

OK, big deal you might say, multi-disciplinary teams are nothing new – even if we work closely with our clients, often sitting at there offices a few days a week. So what else is there? Well, we like to kick off every week with something new. As a Daresayer, the floor can be yours on Monday mornings . Once we’ve walked through the week ahead, Mondays are your chance to tell your story. It could be what you’re working on, what you’re interested in, what new technologies you’ve been reading up on, or which trends are up and coming. We encourage Daresayers to share their passions and enlighten one another – to be daring1 and curious2. Of course, it’s not a must. We don’t force anybody to take the limelight – that wouldn’t be so caring3 or responsible4.

And who knows, you might decide that the person presenting is the ideal member of your next digital project team, or perhaps you just want to chat more with them over coffee and learn more about their interests.


By the end of the week most of us are ready for something different. Which is why we like to break the day up with a talk. So every week or fortnight we invite somebody to share their experiences with us over lunch – and it’s on us.

Ah, a free lunch I hear you say – we all know there’s no such thing. And it’s true, but here the cost is learning and opening up to new ideas and different ways of thinking. Just listening to other people as they regale tales and experiences that may or may not be relevant to what you’re doing, can be really interesting.

One week it could be a hype or industry expert, the next an artist. The scope is open and we welcome input and suggestions from Daresayers – because if you’re interested in a topic, there’s a good chance that some of your colleagues are too.

So why do we do this? Well we want our colleagues to grow while they’re at the company. And not just in their roles, but also as people. We have a lot of senior designers and developers here and this is something they particularly appreciate as it offers them something different. It gives them the chance to share and to learn on a completely new level.

It’s not a lot to pay for a “free” lunch, is it?

Daring1 curious2 caring3 and responsibleare the Daresay core values and this is how we define them  


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