Book a speaker from Daresay

Book a speaker from Daresay

Daresay Team - May 16, 2019

Looking for a speaker on digitalisation, UX , AI or design thinking?

Daresayers love to share their knowledge and experiences. No matter if you looking for a tech, design or digitalisation expert to address a small team or an entire conference auditorium, we’ll have inspiring material to share. As a digital agency we regularly host trend talks on everything from digital transformation, to machine learning, to design ethics.

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Some of our recent talks

How to be the #1 choice of your customers today and tomorrow

In a world where change is happening full speed, companies need water proof strategies to survive and thrive. We’ll guide you on how to develop your products and services, focussing on the needs of your customers and the landscape of your business. We share success stories from around the world and give you tips on how to get to the forefront.

Human Centric AI

What are our roles as humans  when it comes to developing, operating and evolving new Artificial Intelligence systems? How can we use AI to augment our own intelligence in order to create better services in the future? Daniel Sjöström will give you the answers.

Design thinking for public authorities

How can you use the power of your citizens to innovate? Using proven design methods we provide you with the tools to listen, create ideas and bring customer-centric innovations to life.

Circular with digital glue

In a world facing diminishing natural resources many see the circular economy as the big hope for the future. By creating new digital platforms, we can help companies reduce waste, recycle products and materials, and create original and more sustainable business models.

Daresay speakers

Maria Brenner

After 2oo+ workshops in different industries such as healthcare, banking, public sector and telecom, service designer Maria is happy to share her favourite methods for helping organisations develop customer centric services.

Sofia Hoff

Design Team Lead and UX designer, Sofia’s expert areas include UX and design thinking. She engages audiences with success stories and avoidable pitfalls from wide ranging projects.

Daniel Eriksson

Daniel, one of our most experienced Service Designer, will make every subject on user driven development easy to understand and engaging.

David Furendal

Head of Labs and the mind behind the Loopbricks initiative, David knows how to innovate, fail fast and sprint to ideas. An experienced speaker that never stops surprising the audience.

Daniel Rönnlund

Daniel Rönnlund is an experienced and visionary designer at Daresay, passionate about sharing his strong interest in exponential technologies like AI, and more specific how they can be designed and used to improve society.

Robert Holma

With almost 10 years at Daresay, Tech lead Robert Holma knows how to deliver great customer experiences. 2016 he decided to bring the knowledge up north and start a Daresay hub in Umeå. Robert is a strong believer of involving a mix of design, tech and business competences early in projects and he is happy to share how and why.


Lotta Sjöqvist

Head of Business Growth & Innovation


How do I book a speaker

Reach out to

What subjects can you talk about?

Digitalisation, AI, development, design, customer experience, innovation and more…

What are the prices

The prices will wary between 5000 and 30 000 depending on what, where, who and why. Reach out to us and we’ll give you more details.

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