Tackling your to do-list with Clas Fixare

Tackling your to do-list with Clas Fixare

For Clas Ohlson - Retail

Design & Concept Development
Insights & Strategy
Technical Development


Design and build a service to help people solve the “in-between” tasks that pile up but are too small to hire professional help.


With Clas Fixare, customers can schedule help from a qualified professional, in a matter of minutes, directly from their smartphones.

About the client

Clas Ohlson is a leading provider of products and services for small everyday practical problems. The company has web shops and over 200 stores in five countries.

How we did it

We interviewed professional tradesmen and customers in their homes, and iteratively designed, built and validated the front and backend of the service.

The Tech

We built the app in React Native and designed the backend to handle booking, time scheduling and invoicing within the existing Clas Ohlson eco-system.

Download the app

Download the app for iOS or Android and try out the service for yourself.

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