Possibly the world’s most intuitive app for the connected home

Possibly the world’s most intuitive app for the connected home

For Clas Ohlson - Retail

Design & Concept Development
Insights & Strategy
Technical Development


Turn a connected product into a smart solution by building and designing an intuitive app that provides a great user experience for everyone that interacts with it. It should be futureproofed for more connected products.


The Clas Ohlson Home app is a control center for the connected home. Set up takes minutes, lights and appliances can be controlled, and timers can be set from anywhere in the home or the world. The app has won both the Swedish Design prize and two Red Dot awards.

About the client

Clas Ohlson is the leading provider of products and services for small everyday practical problems. The company has web shops and over 200 stores in five countries.

How we did it

Based on the insights gained from lengthy customer interviews and extensive home product testing our team designed and built several iterations of the app until we achieved launch-ready MVP.

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What’s being said about it


The Clas Ohlson Home app is a unique experience that makes connected products available to everybody, while giving customers a sense of pride from using the latest technologies.

Learn more about Clas Ohlson's change journey

Take a look at how users interact with the app. Learn from Fredrik Uhrbom how to succesfully launch a new digital retail service. Explore another app from Clas Ohlson, Clas Fixaren.

Clas Ohlson home plug stories

What happens when you give people the chance to control electrical appliances from their phones? After developing the Clas Ohlson home app we went to find out all the amazing uses people found for it.

A new retail digital service

The retail market has changed dramatically in recent years. For many people, much of their shopping is done online, as groceries, clothes and all manner of goods are delivered directly to homes. But what does this mean for high street retailers? We find out from Fredrik Uhrbom, Head of Clas Ohlson’s Swedish operations.

Case story: Clas Fixaren

How do you create a service which helps people solve the “in-between” tasks that pile up but are too small to hire professional help. Clas Ohlson developed Clas Fixaren, and we helped them with the digital ecosystem.

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