Why walk when you can Sprint to a solution

Why walk when you can Sprint to a solution

For Bisnode - Business Intelligence

Design & Concept Development
Technical Development


Bring Bisnode’s digital offering to life. Build something innovative that people can touch and interact with. Get people talking about Bisnode’s new Consumer Intelligence API, and the potential market for it.


We built a face recognition mirror that retrieves data from the Bisnode API and other external APIs, and tells people interesting, real-time facts about themselves and their neighbourhoods.

About the client

Bisnode operates in 18 markets and is one of Europe’s leading providers of business intelligence. Bisnode specialises in customising credit, business and market information that makes it easier for their customers to make smart decisions.

How we did it

We camped out in the lobby of Bisnode’s HQ in Solna, Sweden, for a week, and did a Daresay Innovation Sprint. The collaborative team from Daresay and Bisnode ­sketched ideas, decided on a solution, and built and coded the Bisnode Mirror.


Intense days


Co-creative people


Magic prototype


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The challenge

How can staff interact with a new service when it’s data in an API? How do you get stakeholders excited about such a service and get them to start thinking about new ways of using it? How do you make it top of mind for an entire organisation?

These are the challenges we were set by Bisnode in the Daresay Lab, with the vision to: drive innovation, make people smile, and showcase new thought-provoking ways of working with Bisnode data. And do it in a realisable solution in one working week.

“It’s a great feeling to develop and build a functioning prototype in just five days. The time limit forces you to scale your expectations and set a clear, achievable goal. Everyone in the team has to be focused throughout the week. But there’s a great sense of achievement and pride when you’re done.”

Josephine Malmqvist, Bisnode API Manager

The solution

The Bisnode Mirror is a face recognition system programmed in Python and JavaScript, and built from planks of wood, gaffer tape, a computer and a screen. It’s an ecosystem of data built upon and around Bisnode consumer intelligence data and external APIs such as Google Places and Open Weather Maps.

To interact with the mirror you simply say hello and let it know who you are. It then tells you loads of interesting facts about yourself and your neighbourhood. Things like how many days it is until your birthday, your home address, what the weather is like there at the moment, how long it will take to get home in traffic, and the average spending power of your neighbourhood. The mirror even remembers who you are the next time you approach it – but as yet it doesn’t know who is the fairest of them all…

“We wanted to inspire people and get them talking, and we couldn’t have done it this way or this quickly without Daresay Labs. Employees were interested in what we were doing, customers started brainstorming about what is possible with our solutions, and we put a smile on people’s faces – what more can you ask for?”

Joakim Skog, Bisnode Innovation Specialist

Design Sprint with Bisnode

How we did it

We threw eight people together from very different roles in a Daresay Innovation Sprint. Department Heads, Designers and Developers from Bisnode and Daresay camped out in the Bisnode lobby in Solna, Sweden, for a week, with hammers, nails, gaffer tape, computers and post-it notes. People passing by were invited to stop by and discover what we were up to.

With one designated team leader, we defined an achievable goal, sketched ideas, agreed on the best way forward, built and coded a prototype and got it up and running. Bisnode employees, customers and partners were then invited to test it.

Finally, we invited everyone in the Bisnode organisation to celebrate with our favourite ice creams.

“A Sprint is a really liberating way to work. At the start of the week we had a hypothesis that it would be possible to show our data this way. I’m happy to say that we’ve now been able to prove it. And I’m convinced that we’re just scratching the surface of what can be achieved when Bisnode data is put in the hands of creative people.”

Joakim Skog, Bisnode Innovation Specialist

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Do you share the need to realise innovative ideas and and prove business value fast? We can help you too.

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