1 hour ONLINE service design crash course


1 hour ONLINE service design crash course

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By Daresay Team - April 3, 2020

We’ve squeezed as much of our ordinary 1 day service design course as possible into a one hour webinar. If you’re curious about service design or are looking to get buy-in for service design at your organization, this is a great place to start.

In this webinar – which you can watch whenever it suits you – you will learn the basics of service design, get an understanding of why it’s important to apply service methodologies to a business, and get some tips and tricks on how to generate customer-centric ideas. We also look into the value service design can deliver to an organization, helping you to outperform competitors and complete successful and cost-effective projects.

Watch the service design webinar today.


Lotta Sjöqvist

Head of Business Growth & Innovation

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