The Service Design Process


The Service Design Process

Service design focuses on the entire service journey, from the first point of contact to post-service interactions.

The service design process is a transformative approach and by understanding the needs of customers, ideating creative solutions, embracing digitalization, and fostering innovation leadership, to craft sustainable customer centric experiences. The role of the Service designers is to facilitate and drive the process, and work closely with other competencies. Both inside and outside the organisation, also often together with UX designers and business designers.

We believe that the best services are built by empowered multidisciplinary teams, who work together to translate user needs and organisational goals into exceptional service experiences.

Service Design in relation to UX Design and Development.

The Key Stages Service Design

1. Research and Discovery

In the initial phase, extensive research is conducted to get an emphatic understanding of the needs, desires, and pain points of customers. This stage involves in-depth interviews, surveys, and observations to gather valuable insights.

Through a Customer Journey map we create understanding what customers experience before, during, and after using a service. This approach enables us to identify what works well and where there is room for improvement.

2. Ideation and Concept Development

Using the insights as a starting point, the next step is to create ideas and concepts to make the service work better. Creative workshops using co-creation and brainstorming, are common in this stage. Designers use techniques like mind mapping and storyboarding to generate sustainable solutions.

3. Prototyping and Testing

Once concepts are formulated, prototypes are developed, a prototype is something that makes the idea testable. These prototypes can be anything from physical models to interactive digital interfaces. Testing is then conducted involving real users. This stage allows for refinement and ensures that the final service aligns with user expectations and the development of the company.

4. From concept to reality

To go from a validated concept, to something resulting in real change can be hard. We help you all the way through the change. We have the competence to work with both internal and external processes and touch-points to make sure the vision become reality.

What we deliver as an agency can look very different depending on what is needed . Common deliverables linked to service design projects are a Customer Insights, Customer Journey maps, Service Blueprints and Service Concepts.

We can help you craft a roadmap to take the next step into your desired future. We do not submit long reports, we give concrete proposals. Sometimes prototypes, sometimes pdfs, but always a clear way forward.

At Daresay, we listen to you and your unique needs, and look into how we can tailor a solution for you and your business. We have offices in Stockholm and Umeå but we can also meet and work remotely. Please reach out to learn more.


Fredrik Johansson

Business Director

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