Sprinting to better employer services

Sprinting to better employer services

For Arbetsförmedlingen - Design Sprint

Design & Concept Development


Develop a framework that nudges potential employers to use digital services following an introductory phone meeting.


An interview guide was created and follow-up recruitment plans were developed to help employers take the appropriate digital next steps.


About the client

Arbetsförmedlingen, the Swedish Public Employment Services, provides employment services to jobseekers and employers.


How we did it

We mapped existing processes, explored new ideas, and created and tested prototypes while sticking to a strict time plan.







newly merged departments

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The challenge

Arbetsförmedlingen is in a process of transformation as the organisation looks to become more digital and user-centric for its main customers – employers and jobseekers. Part of this transformation has resulted in the merger of the customer service and digital departments.

We were asked to help Arbetsförmedlingen develop a new framework for employers at small and medium sized businesses. The aim: empower employers to utilise Arbetsförmedlingen’s digital employer services in order to find qualified staff, following one initial phone call with a customer service representative. Arbetsförmedlingen wanted this process to be innovative, inclusive to staff around the country, and to generate value-adding, market tested ideas quickly. The perfect match for a Design Sprint then.

The solution

A six-step interview guide for introductory employer meetings enables customer service personnel to gather accurate information from employers and introduce them to relevant digital services. It’s flexible enough for staff to ask questions in a way they feel comfortable with. It also ensures that before the call is over, the employer has an Arbetsförmedlingen digital account and an understanding of how they can look for qualified staff and place relevant job advertisements on the official Arbetsförmedlingen job bank.

Following the phone meeting, an employer receives a personalised digital recruitment plan detailing the steps they have been through during the call and the steps they have left to complete in their plan.

“I have so much more hope for our organisation today than I did yesterday. Not just because we’re doing a Design Sprint, but also because we’ve witnessed the engagement and interest senior management have shown in what we’re doing here.”

Ellen Blanck, Customer Experience Lead, Arbetsförmedlingen

How we did it

How do you develop process prototypes in just one week? This is how we did it,  with a team from Arbetsförmedlingen.

On day 1 Daresay designers and strategists, and Arbetsförmedlingen customer service representatives, product owners, and designers got together. Roles (such as who has the casting vote as the Decider) were allocated, knowledge was shared, domain experts were interviewed, and the key challenge to be solved for the rest of the week were formulated.

On day 2 we mapped the current market situation, reflected on the challenge ahead, generated individual ideas, developed them and sketched them out.

On day 3 we discussed the different ideas, voted on which ones to pursue further – at this point we invited the Arbetsförmedlingen General Director and Head of Employer Digital Services to take part. The Decider then chose which idea would be prototyped, and we developed a storyboard on how this might work.

On day 4 we used the storyboard to create a prototype, which we then tested among ourselves, before finalising the prototype.

On day 5 we tested the prototype on customers from small and medium-sized businesses. Following a phone meeting, we interviewed the employers about their thoughts on the interview guide and recruitment plan.

“I can see how all business leaders could learn from the way decisions can be made quickly and collaboratively, as is a prerequisite in a Design Sprint. Not all decisions need to be taken at board level with extensive planning and research. Sometimes the quick decisions can turn out to be the best ones.”

Mikael Sjöberg Head of the Swedish Employment Agency

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