Growing fast: new clients, people and offices

Growing fast: new clients, people and offices

Daresay Team - August 23, 2016

Since the company was founded just eight years ago, we sure have grown up fast. Now, with more high-profile clients coming on board, this summer has seen our biggest growth to date – and we’re just warming up.

With our long-term, fruitful partnerships with brands such as Ericsson, Assa Abloy, Försäkringskassan, Länsförsäkringar and TV4, we’ve been steadily building our Stockholm team over the years. But the past year has seen a step change in our growth as a company. In fact, thanks to new hires in Stockholm and new offices in Dubai and Umeå, our team has doubled in size. Even over the summer vacation, we’ve added 13 fresh faces to the team, brought in to help us work on our new clients including Arbetsförmedlingen and Wasa Kredit.

Even Pernilla Dahlman, Screen Interaction’s and Sweden’s CEO of the Year, has been blown away by the pace of change. “The past year has been incredible for us,” says Pernilla. “All the attention around our ways of working with digital service development means that we’ve had many new requests to help with strategy, concept and technical development. It has become apparent to clients that customer centred efforts and design methods create the best customer experiences, which has brought an increase in demand for our services.”

So what’s next? Pernilla says the team has their eye on clients whose services have a large number of users, where our expertise can have the biggest impact on society. “Whether that’s in the private or public sector is not that important to us. Even if the majority of our clients are in the private sector, we’ve worked with several public agencies in the past few years, which is incredibly inspiring.”

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