Life's a party – and now everyone can join in

Life's a party – and now everyone can join in

For Telia - Telecom

Design & Concept Development
Insights & Strategy
Technical Development


Create and build a music-based service for people at office and house parties, in order to demonstrate the capabilities of Telia’s new Zone home/office Wi-Fi environment.


We built the CoPlay app. Party guests can add tracks from Spotify to a live playlist as it’s being streamed – and hopefully danced to – in the Zone environment.

About the client

Telia is a multinational telecom services provider and the former Swedish public telecom company. Today, Telia has around 23.5 million subscribers to its services.

How we did it

We held focus groups, had a party, and interacted with potential users. With these insights we designed and prototyped our way to a stable, user-friendly music service that people want to engage with.

We didn’t just deliver a design, but also included a backlog for building features and functions consisting of around 200 user stories. These detailed every click and action scenario that can occur when an employer or jobseeker interacts with the service.

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